About Finough

About Finough

Our Mission

Provide a comprehensive financial education to all young adults.

To meet our mission we developed Finough Academy, an online learning platform that teaches millennials how to better understand themselves and their money.

We built Finough Academy with the must-have features:

Money Tracking

Track savings, debt, income, and expenses.

Goal Tracking

Customizable goal setting for all types of financial goals.


Badges, rankings, and competitions make learning and action engaging, rewarding, and fun.

Dynamic Education

Results based learning allows students to become financial literate and make real financial changes at the same time.

We want to improve each students relationship with money so they can:

Be Confident

Make the tough financial decisions each and every day.

Be Responsible

Use money responsibly and start or continue living a debt-free lifestyle.

Be Satisifed

Find their enough and be happy with their financial situation even if it’s a work in progress.

Be Free

Build a strong financial foundation supported by a sense of security, flexibility, and peace of mind.

We understand financial freedom is much deeper than money:

“By improving an individual’s knowledge and behaviors around money we can remove the fear, stress, and instability it causes and replace it with confidence, responsibility, and a greater joy for living. This new found freedom and security can create the time, purpose, and motivation necessary to make a positive and meaningful impact on the world.” -Finough

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